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Dear Nonprofit Board President…By Susan Detwiler

We’re pleased to bring you this guest blog post from Susan Detwiler of The Detwiler Group.  Susan is a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant.  Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultants are an elite group of independent consultants that have been selected … Continue reading

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Gifts with Strings and Friends in Low Places

Garth Brooks sings about his less-than-reputable buddies in his popular country song, “Friends in Low Places.” It is hard to determine whose reputation appeared more sullied in Mr. Brooks’ recent headlining activities – himself or the nonprofit hospital which he … Continue reading

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Fundraising Pressure

How much pressure is too much? I am aware of churches and other faith based organizations that include a list of those families who have made financial commitments to the congregation in each week’s bulletin or order of service.  This … Continue reading

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Can you really deduct that as a charitable contribution?

One of my friends once told me that she was never upset when she had to pay library fines because she supports and loves her local library.  Perhaps it is a very small price to pay for the ability to … Continue reading

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Three Cups May Be Too Much

With the airing of 60 Minutes investigative report on Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea and CEO of Central Asia Institute, a recognized 501(c)3, we are once again confronted with controversy in the nonprofit sector. Here is an … Continue reading

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Raising the All Mighty Dollar: Board Involvement

The Standards for Excellence Institute has always encouraged nonprofits to have a clearly written list of expectations for board members.  One of the most important responsibilities for every nonprofit board is the responsibility “to assure that adequate . . . … Continue reading

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Fundraising Freedom

In a recent column, the Baltimore Sun’s Jay Hancock slammed the relationship between nonprofit organizations and for-profit fundraisers.   He had received a telephone call on behalf of an organization to which he had previously donated, and after some digging, discovered … Continue reading

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