Pennsylvania Sealholders Celebrate Standards for Excellence at Annual Conference


Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Standards for Excellence® Replication Partner Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) recently held their Standards for Excellence Annual Conference in on September 21 and 22, 2015. During the conference, Standards for Excellence accredited and recognized organizations were asked “How has the Standards for Excellence program impacted your organization?” Below are some of their responses:

“The standards have enabled us to be seen as a transparent and best practice driven organization by our donors, key stakeholders, and the community as a whole. Guided by the standards, we have been able to enhance our governance policies, fundraising and communication with donors. Through the improvements we have made in our program evaluation methods, we have been able to strengthen our appeal when developing our fundraising message, resulting in increased contributions!” Nikki Schnovel, Executive Director, Berks Connections Pretrial Services, accredited since 2007.

“Moving through the Standards for Excellence accreditation process with PANO was an experience of affirmation, teamwork and growth.  The Standards enabled us to both reinforce and strengthen our organization, to achieve our ultimate goal of providing the highest quality services to individuals in need.” Mike Robb, Executive Director, Center for Community Resources, accredited in 2015.

“Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council has adopted a number of new policies which have strengthened our governance. The process has also encouraged us to focus board members’ time on the strategic issues that will determine the future of the organization.” Don Block, Executive Director, Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council, accredited since 2007.

“Pearl S. Buck International Inc. prides itself on its ethics, effectiveness, accountability and transparency which we believe is our responsibility to our constituents who include board, staff and donors.  The Standards for Excellence reflects this belief and provides confidence in the organization that is required in today’s environment.” Janet Mintzer, President and CEO, Pearl S. Buck International, accredited since 2012.

“The investment we made into the organization translates into a better combined mission and vision, a better future story, more time and ability to do the work well, and more and better transparency in the community.  It was both a wonderful experience and a huge win for the agency, our staff and Board, and the families we serve!” Megan Shreve, Executive Director , South Central Community Action Program, accredited in 2015.

PANO has been a Standards for Excellence replication partner since 2001 and offers training, resources and accreditation and recognition to nonprofit organizations throughout Pennsylvania. Presently, 34 organizations in Pennsylvania are accredited or recognized under PANO’s Standards for Excellence program. To learn more about Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, contact Tish Mogan at (717) 236-8584, or visit

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