Licensed Consultant Writes About Holistic Solutions Discussed At New York Education Luncheon

Sharon Rubinstein, a participant of the 2012 class of Licensed Consultants, attended the 7th Annual Champions of Innovation and Education Luncheon hosted by Teaching Matters. Teaching Matters is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing teacher effectiveness. The luncheon was attended by New York City Richard Buery, who served on a panel with other New York education leaders to discuss poverty’s impact on education.

“A common theme was the holistic nature of the challenge poverty presents, affecting everything from health, to safety, to the vocabulary children have when they first arrive at school,” writes Rubinstein.

Sharon Rubinstein is a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant, a lawyer, and former journalist with a strong background in public interest advocacy, particularly for children. She has engaged in a wide variety of successful campaigns concerning education, juvenile justice, child welfare, health reform, and family economic security issues.

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