Replication Partner Announces Support for Standards for Excellence Training


Standards for Excellence Replication Partner Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement recently announced its partnership with Discover Bank, which is supporting DANA in its efforts to bring more quality trainings to nonprofits in the  southern region of the state.

Upcoming courses in the DANA fall 2014 curriculum are supported by Discover Bank. They include an Introduction to Standards for Excellence on Friday, Dec. 12.

According to, “DANA’s revitalization began in 2010 and came to a head in 2012 with the creation of a new three-year strategic plan to become a completely statewide nonprofit support organization. In previous years, expansion of DANA programming into Kent and Sussex counties was limited due to staff and funding constraints. Now, with more staff members in place, and the support from Discover Bank, DANA is increasing its presence in southern Delaware.”

“‘We are thrilled that Discover Bank is on board with us in our efforts to expand our programming in Kent and Sussex counties, and we thank them for their support,’ said Chris Grundner, DANA president and CEO. ‘Discover Bank is a huge champion for nonprofits across the state, but particularly in Kent and Sussex counties. We are pleased they believe our Standards for Excellence best-practice-based curriculum can help these groups as they strive to reach greater levels of efficiency and execution.'”

Read the official story in

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