Sealholder Profile: Maryland-DC Campus Compact

We are pleased to bring you this Sealholder Profile, written by Standards for Excellence intern Tammy McCubbin. Tammy is presently working towards a Master of Science degree in Human Services Administration from University of Baltimore, Coppin State University.


The Maryland-DC Campus Compact (MDCCC) is a membership association of public, private, 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities. Initiated in 2008, MDCCC mobilizes the collective commitment and capacity of higher education to actively advance communities through civic and community engagement.  MDCCC provides leadership to colleges and universities in Maryland and Washington DC by advocating and encouraging institutional participation in co-curricular and academic-based public service and civic engagement programs. Maryland-DC Campus Compact became fully accredited by the Standards for Excellence Institute in July 2014.

MDCCC works to mobilize public service and civic engagement programs such as AmeriCorps Vista. AmeriCorps VISTA helps individuals and communities implement grassroots solutions designed to alleviate poverty. Initiated in 1997, Campus Compact VISTA programs join the mission of Campus Compact and AmeriCorps VISTA through projects that build campus-community partnerships to fight poverty.

Executive Director, Madeline Yates, noted about their accomplishment “frankly, our organization had a very positive experience with the Standards for Excellence process. It helped us clarify and strengthen our organizational policies and procedures, and essentially made us more effective in achieving our mission.  We received excellent technical assistance from Melissa Sines at Maryland Nonprofits’ Standards for Excellence Institute.”

Madeline Yates recalls that she first learned about Standards of Excellence “through the Weinberg Fellows program which offers high quality professional development for executive directors in our state. At Maryland Nonprofits’ annual conference I then re-connected with a fellow Weinberg colleague who had gone through the process herself and indicated that it really strengthened her knowledge of how to be an effective [executive director] and enhance her organization.”

For more information about the Maryland-DC Campus Compact, please visit their website at The Maryland DC Campus Compact is located at 401 Rosemont Avenue in Frederick, MD.

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