Nine Annual Actions for Good Governance and Management

Last month, my son turned two years old.  We had a big party with friends and family—pizza, ice cream, balloons, and even a cool 3-dimensional cake in the shape of a train!  I, on the other hand, will celebrate my birthday next week and like many of my contemporaries, unless it’s a milestone birthday, I would prefer for the event to pass without any fanfare or fuss at all.   (Truth be told, even if it’s a milestone birthday, I’d prefer to celebrate it quietly!)

Our organizations, too, celebrate birthdays or anniversaries of their founding.  Perhaps your organization marks the year’s passing at the start or conclusion of the organization’s fiscal year. There are many different tasks or responsibilities that nonprofits need to ensure take place annually.

This week, we wanted to focus on a few of the annual events nonprofits should take care to implement over the course of their work in the areas of mission, program and governing board (the first and second portions of the Standards for Excellence® code).  According to the Standards for Excellence® code, we should all work to ensure that the following activities are handled each year: 

  • Organization’s evaluation of all programs, including measuring efficiency and effectiveness
  • Board’s maintenance of written board and committee minutes, as applicable
  • Board’s review of the percentage spent on program administration, and fundraising annually
  • Board’s review of the executive director’s performance
  • Board’s review the executive director’s compensation
  • Board’s approval of the organization’s budget
  • Board’s approval of the audited financial statements
  • Board, staff, and volunteers’ disclosure of potential and real conflicts of interest

New board members and employees receive an introduction to the Standards for Excellence® code

Did you know? The Standards for Excellence Institute offers educational resource packages on topics ranging from program evaluation to board conduct and board composition.  These packets are free and available to Standards for Excellence Institute® members through the members only section of our website. Hard copies are also available upon request. Not a member? Join now!


About Amy Coates Madsen

Amy Coates Madsen serves as the Program Director of the Standards for Excellence Institute.
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