Get Creative with Employee Growth and Development

The Standards for Excellence® code states that nonprofit personnel policies should always address employee growth and development. However, many nonprofits have had to cut back on expenses such as training courses and conferences. A cut in the professional development budget should not mean that professional development should go by the wayside.   Now, is the time to get creative in your approach.

Strategies such as job rotation, encouraging employees to volunteer in order to gain a skill, encouraging employees to gain knowledge and presentation skills by teaching a course, or setting up a formal mentoring or job shadowing program within your organization, are just a few creative, low-cost approaches to employee development. Having such opportunities for growth will keep employees energized and happy.

Did you know? The Standards for Excellence Sample Personnel Policies includes language on employee growth and development. The personnel policies are free and available to Standards for Excellence Institute® members through the members only section of our website. Hard copies are also available upon request. Not a member? Join now!

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