Periodically Review Your Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

 The Standards for Excellence® code states that “nonprofits should periodically conduct an internal review of the organization’s compliance with known existing legal, regulatory and financial reporting requirements and should provide a summary of the results of the review to members of the board of directors.” But just thinking about the plethora of national, state, and local laws and regulations that nonprofits must comply with can make your head spin. Here is where we can help.  The Standards for Excellence Institute’s Legal Requirements Checklist makes it easy to quickly identify which laws are applicable to your nonprofit and what you need to do in order to remain in compliance.  It provides detailed information about over 60 specific laws/regulations, including information about how to obtain forms that need to be filed and the due date for filings. Include among the areas covered are:

  • Requirements applicable to tax exemption/tax exempt status;
  • Requirements related to organizations with employees;
  • Requirements for organizations with independent contractors and
  • consultants;
  • Requirements applicable to solicitations, fundraising, and related activities;
  • Requirements applicable to lobbying activities; and
  • Miscellaneous requirements.

 Use The Standards for Excellence® Legal Requirements Checklist to assure the board that your nonprofit is right on track. 

Did You Know?  The Legal Requirements Checklist is free and available to Standards for Excellence Institute® members through the members only section of our website.  Hard copies are also available upon request.  Not a member? Join now!

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