Strengthening Your Employees’ Performance

Summer time brings many things—baseball, summer vacations, and for our organization, summer is typically the season for annual performance evaluations. Truth be told, it is hard to take the time to complete a meaningful staff evaluation process for all paid staff. The Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector® states, “Organizations should have a system in place for regular written evaluation of employees by their respective supervisors, which should take place at least annually.”

But, as hard as it may be to dedicate the time to evaluate staff members at every level of the organization, it is vitally important—as it serves to: systematically assess performance and accomplishments compared to job descriptions and goals, provide a structure for communicating with employees about their job performance; and give constructive feedback related to employees meeting job requirements. The evaluation process can also be a valuable way to allow employees to contribute ideas for how they can enhance their own performance. Even in years where no salary increases are anticipated, the staff evaluation process should not be skipped.

Did you know? The Standards for Excellence® program’s educational resource packet, “Compensation and Employee Evaluation,” includes sample evaluation forms for staff. The packet is free and available to Standards for Excellence Institute® members. It is available through the members only section of our website. Hard copies are also available upon request.  Log in to access this educational resource packet. Not a member? Join now!


About Amy Coates Madsen

Amy Coates Madsen serves as the Program Director of the Standards for Excellence Institute.
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